More digital ad budget to social networks?

More digital ad budget to social networks?

January 30, 2018

So Google are giving us more control to ‘mute’ those online ads that follow us around the web. Does this mean the role of social networks for retargeting ratchets up a notch or two? Is this going to see a meaningful shift of spend moving to social… or are people so ‘blind’ to online advertising […]

One stop shop vs Best of breed

One stop shop vs Best of breed

January 26, 2018

Lots of chat about social media management tools recently, and the ongoing question of whether you should go for a ‘one stop shop’ or ‘best of breed’ option. In true consulting style, the answer really is “it depends”. It’s 🐎 for courses. I’d approach this from a different angle. Across the whole organisation, which departments would benefit […]

Someone must be proud enough

Someone must be proud enough

January 24, 2018

How is it that brands with hundreds of employees can still only get a minimal amount of engagement on their social media posts? If the post isn’t exciting enough to stimulate your own employees to occasionally give it a casual ‘like’ or ‘retweet’, what chance people outside of the business? Brands can’t insist that their […]

Our services:

We provide our clients with a wide range of services such as running global audits, developing playbooks, advising on social media management tools and delivering training.


Why do I need slp consulting?:

Drawing on 13 years of management consulting, agency and client-side experience, we combine strong process, creativity and real experience of what works and what doesn’t. Plus we’ve been lucky enough to support some of the biggest UK brands across a range of sectors.


About us:

slp consulting was founded by Simon Preece in 2014, former management consultant and head of social at Sainsbury’s. The objective? To help organisations better manage the impact of social media on their consumers, prospects and employees.


Client testimonials

Simon’s work is transforming how we use social reading to enhance the strategic advice we provide our clients.

Andy Waller, COO, Hall & Partners

The level of social media expertise Simon was able to apply to the diagnostic was invaluable.

Tom Denford, Chief Strategy Officer, ID Comms

I don’t think we will ever see a better use of this type of [social data] analysis.

Neil Douthwaite, Insight Manager, Syren Strategy

Your research and presentation was insightful and educational. We found it very useful that you provided us with clear, easy to implement short term actions as well as great long term improvements and strategy.

Nina Ghita, Marketing Manager, ROX Jewellery

The team thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and found the guidance really useful. It’s set us on the right path for developing our approach.

Robyn Glen, Head of Digital, Slimming World

The quality of the work is fantastic and Simon has the ability to work both as a consultant who dips in and out but he can also take control of projects and keep the momentum going end to end.

Katie Lee, Managing Director, Gravity Road

The workshop was superb, and from the flow of ideas I’ve had from the team since, it’s clearly made a big impact and excited them as well. The session was exactly what we wanted.

Chris Hall, Customer Response Manager, The FA

Simon’s knowledge is both broad & deep & one can have confidence knowing here is someone who has devised & implemented successful social media campaigns for one of the country’s best known retail brands.

Pauline Kent, Director, Satellite PR

Simon’s recommendations have been instrumental in helping us focus our social media strategy. It’s been great working with someone so knowledgeable, creative and fun and who has helped demystify the dark art of ‘social’ for us.

Camilla Woodhouse, Programme Director, Marketing Academy