The 7 deadly sins of social media

The 7 deadly sins of social media

March 20, 2019

Whenever I talk to people about the ways organisations use social media, it’s amazing how often the same challenges crop up. In this post I’ve outlined seven common ‘sins’ businesses seem to keep committing. 

The super simple way of using TikTok to better understand online influencers

The super simple way of using TikTok to better understand online influencers

March 4, 2019

I’ve recently spent some time orientating myself with TikTok, an app you’ll definitely have heard of, but perhaps not used professionally.

How the platform will build up its advertising offer isn’t clear, but right now it can provide some fantastic insight into the state of influencer marketing

Why we’re stuck in a ‘content marketing by numbers’ rut (and how to get out)

Why we’re stuck in a ‘content marketing by numbers’ rut (and how to get out)

February 25, 2019

We’ve been told a thousand times that compelling, engaging content is essential when using digital marketing to build a brand.

But we’re stuck in a rut, or at least reached a plateau in this discipline. Eye-catching design and making use of the latest social network feature is no longer enough for content marketers to stand out.

Our services:

We provide our clients with a wide range of services such as running global audits, developing playbooks, advising on social media management tools and delivering training.


Why do I need slp consulting?:

Drawing on over 12 years of management consulting, agency and client-side experience, we combine strong process, creativity and real experience of what works and what doesn’t. Plus we’ve been lucky enough to support some of the biggest UK brands across a range of sectors.


Try our Social Business 20 quiz:

Answer 20 multiple choice questions to see how your organisation’s social media setup compares to industry best practice. It’s free, takes 6 minutes to complete and we don’t ask for any contact details.


About us:

slp consulting was founded by Simon Preece in 2014, former management consultant and head of social at Sainsbury’s. The objective? To help organisations better manage the impact of social media on their consumers, prospects and employees.


Client testimonials

Simon really helped us make sense of the initially confusing array of platforms, and made sure we selected the right partner.  Highly recommended.

Jem Fawcus, Group CEO, Firefish

Simon’s presentation covered all the key points we required and highlighted valuable areas for us to focus on

Adam Trainis, Head of Brand, gamesys

Simon’s work is transforming how we use social reading to enhance the strategic advice we provide our clients.

Andy Waller, COO, Hall & Partners

The level of social media expertise Simon was able to apply to the diagnostic was invaluable.

Tom Denford, Chief Strategy Officer, ID Comms

I don’t think we will ever see a better use of this type of [social data] analysis.

Neil Douthwaite, Insight Manager, Syren Strategy

Your research and presentation was insightful and educational. We found it very useful that you provided us with clear, easy to implement short term actions as well as great long term improvements and strategy.

Nina Ghita, Marketing Manager, ROX Jewellery

The team thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and found the guidance really useful. It’s set us on the right path for developing our approach.

Robyn Glen, Head of Digital, Slimming World

The quality of the work is fantastic and Simon has the ability to work both as a consultant who dips in and out but he can also take control of projects and keep the momentum going end to end.

Katie Lee, Managing Director, Gravity Road

The workshop was superb, and from the flow of ideas I’ve had from the team since, it’s clearly made a big impact and excited them as well. The session was exactly what we wanted.

Chris Hall, Customer Response Manager, The FA