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Tailored, client-side advisory support

New social media technologies present fantastic opportunities for business to communicate with their audiences, but also added risk and complexity.

This means having the right governance and operational strategy in place is crucial.

Sure, it’s not the most glamorous aspect of social media, but good governance is paramount for maintaining brand safety, operational consistency and maintaining stakeholder confidence.

How I help

Clients’ needs vary, shaped by their complexity and level of social media governance adoption. I bring a breadth of best practice experience from working with FTSE 250 companies across a wide range of industries.

Plus, as an independent consultant, I can offer maximum flexibility to deliver bespoke solutions.

Projects typically begin with a ‘gap analysis’ style exercise. Together, we’ll assess which elements of your social media governance already work well, which can be adapted, and any which are missing.


What does governance and operational strategy actually include?

I regularly help clients with:

📂 Organising and communicating their standard operating procedures

📈 Establishing governance steering groups which deliver decisions effectively

🔐 Ensuring user access and security controls are in place to safeguard all parties

📣 Defining and communicating positively-framed employee guidelines for social media

🗣 Helping senior company spokespeople amplify positive messages securely

📊 Establishing measurement, benchmarking and reporting frameworks

👨‍🏫 Delivering bespoke training for different stakeholders

👂Defining social listening programmes that provide insights and an early warning system

What previous clients say

Simon is one of the few marketers with expertise and a track record in making social media work for brands. With a profound understanding of social media, brand and customers.

Tamsin BoardmanHead of Digital Brand, Sainsbury's Supermarkets

Simon’s work is transforming how we use social reading to enhance the strategic advice we provide our clients.

Andy WallerCOO, Hall & Partners

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