Social media centres of excellence

Does your organisation use the industry standard?

Making effective, efficient and brand-safe use of social media is challenging for large organisations. Operating across multiple lines of business and/or geographical markets requires a fine balance between centralised governance and localised empowerment.

The Social Media Centre of Excellence (CoE) model is fast becoming the industry standard for ensuring large enterprises consistently and effectively meet the needs of their customers, the business itself, and employees.

What does a social media CoE do?

Operating as a centralised hub, the Centre of Excellence is responsible for delivering clear governance to relevant stakeholders, cascading best practice guidance, providing consulting-style support and, crucially, fostering an environment of collaboration.

Without these elements in place, it becomes increasingly difficult to deliver both a consistent audience experience and a cost efficient, effective approach for the enterprise – especially in such a fast evolving area as social media.

CoE framework

How do I help?

Drawing on the experience of building and supporting CoE’s for a range of FTSE 250 organisations, I help clients:

🔍 Assess and map their existing social media governance and operational setup

⭐️ Identify gaps and opportunities against my Social Media CoE framework

🗺 Build a prioritised roadmap of activities and milestones to deliver the benefits of a CoE approach

📄 Deliver practical materials (e.g. templates, planning matrices) and hands-on consulting support to help drive change

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If you’d like to discuss how to implement or refine a Social Media Centre of Excellence for your business, please email me on or call 07970 890468.