Social media audits

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What is a social media audit?

Above all, it’s an opportunity to pause and reflect.

In a fast-moving space such as social media, it can be easy to continue with the status quo. A social media audit takes stock of your organisation’s existing approach to social media – across people, processes and technology – and evaluates it against industry best practice and competitor activity.

Why do I need a social media audit?

Our social media audit brings an external, independent perspective, which:

  • Shines a light on what’s already working well
  • Identifies potential risks, which can lead to inconsistency and negatively impact brand reputation
  • Highlights areas of duplication and inefficiency
  • Presents missed opportunities and considerations for maximising the opportunity social media presents
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How does the audit work?

Once we’ve tailored our social media audit framework to your specific scope and requirements, we will:

1. Conduct stakeholder interviews, questionnaires and desk research to:

    • Better understand your business objectives and the environment your business operates in
    • Assess your current approach to social media, including the supporting structure, people, process and tech
    • Assess relevant competitor and peer-group activity

2. Evaluate the findings against industry and social network best practice, plus our proprietary knowledge, to identify risks, issues and opportunities.

3. Run collaborative review sessions to discuss and validate the findings.

4. Deliver an audit findings and recommendations report, including short term opportunities and longer term recommendations

What do we get?

Our social media audits deliver:

  • An expert-led assessment of your social media approach
  • Prioritised and SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timeboxed) recommendations tailored to your organisation
  • Templates, checklists and an actions-tracker to help drive and deliver implementation of recommendations

We’re big fans of helping clients visualise their situation using techniques such as Harvey Balls↗️ to illustrate how they’re performing across different areas.


Previous clients

The consulting team were particularly adept at interpreting the wide reaching brief, dealing with multiple stakeholders and delivering a clear set of actionable recommendations.

Clive CottrellDirector of Marketing, Racecourse Media Group

slp consulting delivered an insightful review of how we, and our competitors, use social media – benchmarking performance and flagging valuable recommendations for our future strategy.

Chris SimmersHead of Digital Marketing, Martin Currie Investment Services

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