Social media audits

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Why it's important to stop and reflect.

With so many aspects of social media to keep tabs on, it can be tricky to find time to stop and assess:

🎉 What’s working well (and deserves celebrating)

😮 Inconsistencies negatively impacting brand reputation

📉 Potential duplication or inefficiency

🔋 New opportunities to supercharge your use of social media

Audits provide the ideal opportunity to pause, take stock, and then drive real change.

How I help (spoiler: using it's by an audit framework)

Refined over a decade of supporting clients, the framework provides a comprehensive, easily tailored approach for assessing how your organisation is using social media.

People, processes and technology are all evaluated against industry and social network best practice, alongside the context of competitor activity.

Plus, because I bring an external perspective, it can be easier for me to ask the ‘uncomfortable’ questions and unpick tricky challenges.

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Audits typically work in 4 steps

1️⃣ Stakeholder interviews, questionnaires and desk research to:

  • Understand your objectives and business context
  • Assess your current approach to social media
  • Assess competitor and peer-group activity

2️⃣ Evaluate findings against best practice to identify opportunities and gaps

3️⃣ Run collaborative working sessions to discuss the findings

4️⃣ Deliver a recommendations pack, which includes:

  • Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timeboxed (SMART👍) recommendations, tailored for you
  • Visualisations to better illustrate the current situation vs. future opportunities, such as Harvey Balls
  • Templates, checklists and an actions-tracker to help you actually implement the recommendations

What about competitor benchmarking?

While most audits include an element of competitor/ peer organisation comparison, clients are often interested in a specific benchmarking exercise.

Benchmarking is another valuable exercise, BUT, should focus on understanding context and what we can learn from others. Simply comparing vanity metrics often provides little value – here’s a blog post I wrote on the subject.


Previous clients

The consulting team were particularly adept at interpreting the wide reaching brief, dealing with multiple stakeholders and delivering a clear set of actionable recommendations.

Clive CottrellDirector of Marketing, Racecourse Media Group

slp consulting delivered an insightful review of how we, and our competitors, use social media – benchmarking performance and flagging valuable recommendations for our future strategy.

Chris SimmersHead of Digital Marketing, Martin Currie Investment Services

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