Competitor social media benchmarking

competitor benchmarking

Social media presents a goldmine of information about your competitors.

However, without the right context, it’s easy for observations and insights to become misleading. Built from a decade of helping companies understand their competitors, this template will enable you to deliver meaningful benchmarking reports.

Competitor Social Media Benchmarking Template

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The challenge with social media benchmarking

Given the wealth of freely accessible information, it’s unsurprising that social media benchmarking is highly appealing.

The snag is, this ‘public’ information is fragmented and incomplete – it only tells part of the story. So for example, if a competitors’ main use of social media is to drive website clicks, it’s hard to gauge success when that can’t be tracked externally.

This is why it’s essential to provide the right context around what can be seen.

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Focusing on best practice

This template helps you identify insights to positively impact your use of social media. It focuses on evaluating competitors by how closely they follow best practice across five essential areas:
  1. Social media footprint
  2. Role of social media
  3. Context execution and engagement
  4. Community management
  5. Website socialisation

What do I get with the template?

Pre-defined criteria for ranking competitors

Supporting tips and best practice concepts

A PowerPoint template to download and re-use

Free updates of future versions