Social media governance advisory

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What is social media governance?

Social media governance is the discipline of ensuring appropriate and robust procedures are in place to underpin an organisation’s use of social media.

Although perhaps not the most glamorous area of social media, having these controls clearly defined is absolutely paramount for brand security, operational consistency and maintaining stakeholder confidence – especially in regulated industries.

What does social media governance cover?

Good social media governance involves:

  • Clearly documented, easy to access protocols – often organised in a standard operating procedure document
  • Robustly-managed steering groups, ensuring decisions and critical updates are communicated appropriately
  • Strict access control for the multiple social media tools and platforms an organisation will typically use
  • Precise social media security management protocols
  • Well communicated guidance for employee use of social media
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How does slp consulting help?

Clients’ needs in respect of social media governance will vary broadly, driven by the size and complexity of their organisational structure.

Based on our best practice view of social media governance, built from working with a range of FTSE 250 companies, our advisory service is tailored to the needs of each client.

Typically, we’ll use a ‘gap analysis’ approach to assess which elements of social media governance already exist, which should be extended and which need to be introduced.

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