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Saturday’s North London Premier League derby helped illustrate why Snapchat’s approach to packaging up “live” events is currently miles ahead of Twitter.

I was fortunate enough to watch Tottenham host Arsenal in a cracking top of the table clash; a perfect game for the neutral, it had a bit of everything.

Of course, there’s many a game that I don’t get to watch live, so like many people I turn to the Internet. I can pick up a match report on BBC Sport (or similar) soon after the final whistle to get a pundit’s point of view. However, we now have another option with the likes of Twitter (Moments) and Snapchat (Live Stories) looking to convey the emotional side of the event by curating content from both “official” accounts and the general public.

So… minutes after the game I took a look at how Twitter’s Moment and SnapChat’s Live Story matched up. In footballing terms I’d say Snapchat probably won by about 4 clear goals.

Snapchat Live Story

Still images don’t do it justice (it’s all videos), but you can get a sense of the content. Raw, passionate and from a range of different perspectives. It has different layers you can drop into and you can skip through each part of the story and quickly as you like.

A selection of screenshots from the North London Derby Story.

Twitter Moment

Now let’s contrast with the Twitter Moment. I love the headline, but the rest is, well (and I don’t like to be negative on here)… pretty dull. Most of the tweets don’t have any image, there’s no video, there’s no story being told.

A selection of tweets from the Twitter Moment 

Don’t get me wrong, Twitter’s my favourite social platform, but when it comes to this style of curated news, here’s how I think the teams faired:


Clearly both of these social platforms do a lot more than curated news, but it feels like Twitter need some more time on the training pitch to offer something as compelling as Snapchat here.

I personally think that the Live Stories part of the Snapchat interface could be made a little more predominant, but that’s one for a different day.

Which service are you using? Which do you prefer?

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