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Since brands have been using Instagram, the lack of metrics around reach and impressions has been a pain. However, in recent weeks Instagram has been rolling out business accounts for brands which amongst other things give you just that.

So, of course when I work with a new client on Instagram I’ll always check they’re setup with a business account. Having done this recently, I thought it might be interesting to revisit a blog post I wrote a while back, about big brands not showing Instagram enough love.

I went back to the 35 brands I’d included in my survey, to see how many had switched their accounts to business accounts. The result was surprisingly (to me) just 40%. The only notable pattern I saw was that all the big grocers (Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons, Lidl, Aldi) had set this up. I’m not quite sure what that means though!

Ok, so this isn’t going to fundamentally change a brand’s Instagram strategy, but it’s a 30 second task (it really is) and gives a whole extra lens on the performance of your posts. It seems like a no-brainer…

One interesting point to counter this, thanks Gail Emerson, is that by flagging your account as a business account your organic reach will be cut… something we’re only too aware of with parent company Facebook. I guess in time we’ll see.

I’d love to get any other views. Anything I’m missing?

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