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Any day now, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be expecting their second child. Didn’t you know?

And as sure as Wills will have a few sleep-deprived weeks ahead, you can guarantee a raft of brands jumping on this wonderful news as a conversation-starter across their social media platforms.

However, no sooner have brands got themselves organised to identify newsworthy events, produce content and publish it in a timely manner… than the world moves on.

Many, many brands will see themselves as having the “right” to be part of this royal baby conversation – and rightly so, given how big an impact young children have on our daily lives, what we buy, where we go etc.

baby My question is, in this scenario, how will these brands stand out from the rest? Have they really thought about how their “content” will demonstrate their knowledge, experience, taste, sense of humour etc? How can they add value that extends beyond this point in time.

Getting a nice image and congratulatory message posted while #RoyalBaby is still trending doesn’t cut it any longer. It’s not as if we’re going to be short on sources of information to confirm the gender, name and weight!

So I’m intrigued to see who “delivers” something which really is a “bundle of joy” and who ends up looking like a bit of a “dummy” (ouch).

Please comment below with any good ones.

And of course – good luck Kate, Wills and George!

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