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Today we published a study of how major brands, active in the UK, are using YouTube. We compare different sectors, highlight best practices, rank the 35 brands studied and draw conclusions on opportunities for the future.

Our original hypothesis was that “major brands aren’t using YouTube to its full potential”. Whether failing to structure channels effectively or delivering a disjointed customer experience, we wondered was this limited to specific sectors, or was it a wider problem experienced by large brands?

In summary we found the majority of brands have an opportunity to improve their audience’s experience by;

  • enhancing how they use meta-data with their videos;
  • making more use of interactive features;
  • taking a more programmatic approach.

View or download the full report:

How are you using YouTube? Is it a priority in your social media mix? Let us know below, or by using #UKYouTubeSurvey15.


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