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Hot on the heels of their Promoted Twitter Moment, Tesco have been at it again with another (possibly?) UK first.

Firing up Facebook on my phone a couple of weekends back I was greeted, not usually, by a sponsored post atop my newsfeed. I was also unsurprised to see it was promoting Tesco’s Valentine’s Day £20 meal deal (it was 13th February after all). However, not everything was as it seemed…post

On closer inspection I spotted an unusual little arrow just above the link title and felt compelled to click (right).

I was expecting to link out to a Tesco page, but instead found myself in a full-screen app experience, not unlike an Instant Article. In fact I first went back to check if it actually was an Instant Article, but there was no tell-tale lightening bolt to be seen. It was infact a “Canvas Ad” (which Facebook have been testing for a while).

Clicking again I noticed that the transition from the post to the full page had an extra bit of design and finesse.

As I explored the ad I was able to scroll up and down, left and right. The design was really quite attractive and immersive.

Eventually I reached a final section that did indeed take me to Tesco’s website.

In a world where Facebook is fast equalling the Internet for many people, it’s another example of the social network offering advertisers greater incentive to develop Facebook- specific content.

This creature of the Facebook advertising deep looks a bit like the offspring of an Instant Article and a Reach Block… Did you see it – what do you think?

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