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Over the next few weeks we’ll be doing a little future gazing. We’ll be looking at how changes in the world of social media will impact the setup of large organisations in 2016. How will it impact on; the way they structure their people, the way they work with agencies, the way they produce content and the way they distribute it?

The articles are aimed at digital, brand and social media managers, and are based on our experience of sitting in the client’s seat, behind the agency desk, and now being independent of both.


Of course predicting anything in the sphere of social technology is challenging at the best of times, but if nothing else we’ll endeavour to make it an interesting accompaniment to your mid-morning coffee.

If you like it, please tell a friend. Or two.

Part 1: Social Media Comes Home

Part 2: A Whole New Kind of Planning

Part 3: Rise of the Social Customer Care Rock Star

Part 4: What social media marketers can learn from local radio

Part 5: Picking a new social media tool? Package Holiday or Independent Traveller?

Part 6: Time to Revisit Reporting?