#3ThoughtsOn: getting the most from content planning

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our LinkedIn discussion group over the last couple of weeks on “social media platforms and their nuances“.


When planning your content in 2015, here are three thoughts we think will help…

  1. Consider the features of different social platforms when developing your content calendar so you can get as many assets as possible from the time spent creating content – especially video.
  2. Create a piece of master content, from which to produce a range of other assets. But make sure you really tailor different versions for the social platforms you select. Don’t just stick a 15 second video created for Instagram on YouTube because you can.
  3. Think about which video content can be re-used in the future (or “evergreen”). Make sure you careful storyboard to avoid including things that will “date them” – then you can simply dust off and re-use next year.

If you’d like to discuss more of this sort of thing, why not join our community on LinkedIn.

Have a wonderful rest of 2014!

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