Social media reporting

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“Reporting on our social media takes up lots of time and rarely leads to us doing anything differently!”

Based on a decade of helping businesses with their social media reporting, this template will help you complete the task efficiently and present next steps designed to inform real change.

Social Media Monthly Reporting Template

£49 (incl. VAT)

The challenge with social media reporting

After all the hard work spent developing and running activity on social media, the idea of reporting on it can feel like an unwanted task.

Monthly social media reports can easily become packed full of numbers and charts which look nice, but don’t reveal much. All too often, reporting becomes a tick-box exercise, with the outputs scan-read and quickly forgotten about.

It shouldn’t be that way.

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Adding value through reporting

Concise, analytical, recommendation-led reporting should be at the heart of any company’s social media activity. It’s the opportunity to celebrate what worked well and explore opportunities for improvement. Positive and forward-looking.

That’s why the reporting template:

  • Focuses on presenting key information
  • Encourages analysis with supporting context to help the reader
  • Uses the concept of ‘benchmark ranges’ to make it easy to spot high and low performing posts

What do I get with the template?

A supporting spreadsheet template to organise your data in

Supporting tips and best practice concepts

A PowerPoint template to download and re-use

Sections for organic, boosted and paid social media activity

Major social media platforms and formats included

Free updates of future versions


What if I’m a Google Slides user?

After downloading the PowerPoint file, you should be able to drag and drop it directly into your Google Drive folder. Then when you open it for the first time in Google Drive it should convert to a Google Slide.