Are your social media strategy fundamentals in place?

👍 Social media is a wonderful tool for reaching and connecting with customers, regardless of how large or small your business is.

👩‍💻 However, clients often have to juggle social media amongst other responsibilities, relying on on-the-job training and stuck with a nagging feeling that maybe they're not "doing social media" right.

🤯 Mix in relentless pressure to keep creating more content (and publish it in more places) and it's easy to fall into a reactive, tactical approach to social media which doesn't support business objectives, is disconnected from other digital channels and feels a little... out of control.

Access your free social media strategy checklist

Based on clients' needs over the years, I've created a Social Media Strategy Checklist which outlines six elements that all good social media strategies should include. Have a go at completing the checklist to confirm you have the fundamentals in place.

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    Building your social media strategy toolkit

    The strategy checklist is a really helpful pre-cursor to creating a Social Media Strategy Toolkit. My toolkits are designed to help you organise your social media in a way that's effective, comprehensive and straightforward. They include a step-by-step framework, templates, checklists and worked examples - all based on my experience and industry best practice. And crucially, they help put you back in control of your social media strategy.

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    Still figuring things out?

    Already looking to take your social media strategy to the next level? Still taking early steps to orientate yourself and your business? Either way I’m here to help.

    Book a free, 20-minute Discovery Session (fancy name for a nice chat!), and we'll discuss what’s working well for you, what isn’t and what you might do next.

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