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ZXY‘s mission is to be the “ultimate bespoke global sourcing partner, delivering sustainable innovation, leading design collaboration, compliance and CSR excellence and intuitive client services”.

A key factor in realising this mission involves ZXY making increased use of digital technologies to nurture existing business and win new clients.

To support ZXY on this journey, slp consulting developed a digital marketing framework, defining:

  • An overarching digital channel strategy, aligned to business objectives and audience needs
  • A content strategy and approach to developing materials for multiple digital channels
  • An implementation plan and roadmap, split by channel
  • A framework for measuring success
  • Recommended supporting technologies

In addition, we developed a tailored social media playbook, to help ZXY maximise the use of social networks for reaching new audiences, providing proof points for existing customers and to attract/retain talent. The playbook included:

  • A role of social for ZXY, split by social platform and aligned to business objectives
  • Best practice for social media content planning and execution
  • Tone and style guide for social media
  • Recommended tactics for amplifying content (organically and through paid social)
  • Community management approach
  • Recommended social media metrics, aligned to objectives


ZXY’s been working with slp consulting since November 2020. Simon helped to develop the digital marketing framework and map how we could achieve our digital channel strategy, content strategy and implementation plan, which aligned with our business objectives and audience needs.

They also developed our social media playbook including content planning, various strategic tactics for amplifying content, community management and many more. They are always on the other end of an email or a phone call with any queries we have. Very helpful, knowledgeable and happy to recommend them to other businesses.

Helen Collyer, Global Design & Communications Head, ZXY INTERNATIONAL