It’s essential for organisations to understand of how and where to invest their precious time, resources and budget in social media. We help our clients focus and prioritise their activities to follow best practice and support business objectives.

Our approach

Using our Social Media Operating Model as a guide we collaboratively develop recommendations with our clients to ensure they’re pragmatic and straightforward to implement.

The recommendations address what changes are required in terms of expertise, processes and technology and are grouped into:

  • Short-term priorities which can be rapidly implemented, immediately adding value
  • Longer-term considerations which may require additional capabilities and organisational change

The outputs

Typically we’ll deliver:

  • Strategic recommendations as a written report
  • Key principles and best practice tips in a ‘playbook’ or guidance document
  • An interactive face-to-face presentation, helping to engage the client team and provide a forum for further discussion
  • Ongoing consulting support and guidance, often structured around a quarterly review meeting

As required, these materials will feed into a tailored training programme.

⤵️ You can download a summary of our playbook product as a PDF.