As the scope of social media expands within the enterprise it’s never been
more important to have the right supporting capabilities in place.


Although every enterprise is different, most experience similar challenges and internal debate around the governance of social media. Which department should it sit in? Should employees be encouraged to use it? Which tools should we be using?

Our Social Operating Model acts as a framework for reviewing, simplifying and optimising the key elements that underpin the use of social media in large organisations.


Our approach

For some clients we’ll help them with just one element of the model, for others we might support across the board. Regardless, we use the same tried and trusted approach of:

  1. Discover: Interviews, questionnaires and desk research to understand the current social media setup and, crucially, the business context.
  2. Analyse: Understanding what’s working well, what needs to change and what new opportunities exist.
  3. Recommend: Defining short-term actions that need to happen as a priority, longer term opportunities and the requirements (skills, process, technology) to deliver these.
  4. Support: Helping to deliver tailored workshops to relevant stakeholders to drive home the recommended changes, plus follow up support as required.

Social Operating Model – White Paper

▶️ DOWNLOAD our white paper which explores six aspects of social media governance where enterprises can struggle.


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