Almost every small & medium business is active on social media. For those
keen to do more it’s about nailing the basics and setting a clear 


Social media is a rapidly changing beast; social networks, ad formats and management tools are just three examples. In such an environment SMEs can find themselves in a state of paralysis, keen to do more but not quite sure where to direct their precious time and budgets.

Our approach

Drawing on our client-side experience, we help SMEs quickly evaluate their current use of social media against a best-practice framework (including content planning and distribution, paid media, community management, reporting and selecting management tools).

Then we’ll provide recommendations in the form of a report and interactive workshop, covering:

  • A list of short term activities that can be acted upon immediately; ensuring current activity is following best practice.
  • A set of medium term considerations; which are feasible with current resources but require some changes to the current setup and approach.
  • A longer term vision; defining key opportunities to evolve the use of social media.

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