Our clients are typically looking for help and guidance in one of following areas…

Social media audits
  • Whether you’re a global organisation or small/medium-sized enterprise we’ll assess and understand your current social media setup, across internal structure, processes, people and technology
  • We provide competitor analysis and benchmarking services, to help you understand how you line up against other organisations of interest and adopt additional best-practice ways of working
  • We also help clients tap into the power of social media data to understand more about audience wants, needs and interests through social media listening
  • Read more about the benefits of social media audit
Social media governance advisory
  • Good social media governance is about having a robust framework for the activities and capabilities that support effective use of social media platforms; this gives internal stakeholders the confidence to make effective use of these evolving channels
  • We work with large organisations, such as Sainsbury’s, to provide bespoke advisory services in this space
  • Our governance service includes help clients understand and qualifying what social media management tools and platforms are required to successfully support their use of social media
  • It also addresses colleague use of social media and the increasingly blurred lines between personal and professional activity; read more about how we can help your colleagues keep safe while using social media
Social media strategy toolkits
Social media training and support
  • In addition to running a range of training workshops, we provide clients with ongoing strategic support, such as conducting a quarterly evaluation of performance
  • Read more about the training we offer

Not sure exactly where to start?

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