From global organisations to small and medium sized enterprises, we help our clients better organise and structure their approach to social media.

Projects involve one or more of the following services…

Reviews & Audits 


Using our Social Media Operating Model Audit we assess how large and medium sized businesses are approaching social media against industry best practice. Through stakeholder interviews, questionnaires and desk research we identify opportunities and present tangible recommendations across key elements of the organisation.


Recommendations & Playbooks


With a clear understanding of a client’s objectives and capabilities we develop strategic recommendations, activity roadmaps and practical playbooks. By organising recommendations into short-term priorities and longer-term considerations we ensure the outputs are always tailored and pragmatic.


Training & Support

4We create fun, fast-paced and interactive workshops to set-up teams for success, and provide ongoing support to help them deliver their strategic social media plans.


Our areas of expertise

Across these services we support clients with the following areas of social media:

  • Social media strategy
  • Social network account architecture
  • Content planning and development
  • Customer experience, customer service and community management
  • Influencer strategies
  • Paid social media
  • Social listening, social intelligence, social media research
  • Social media management tool selection
  • Colleague engagement and social media employee policies
  • Governance
  • Measurement, metrics and reporting
  • Crisis management, security and business continuity

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