We deliver a broad range of activities for (and with) our clients; always with the flexibility to phase projects over time and respond to changing business priorities. Our work is focused on three areas:

Social Operating Model Review 


As the scope of social media expands within the enterprise it’s never been more important to have the right supporting capabilities in place. Find out more about what the operating model includes.

Social Media Roadmap for SMEs


Almost every small & medium business is active on social media. For those keen to do more it’s about nailing the basics and setting a clear plan. Read more about how we help create pragmatic, super-focused roadmaps for our clients.

Social Media Training Workshops

4We create interactive training sessions to help social media managers, wider teams or senior stakeholders get set for success. We keep them fast-paced, full of real and relevant examples for your business, plus (we hope!) quite fun to boot. Select from our range of training workshops.