Regardless of an organisation’s size there are fundamental components required for the successful use of social media. Our Social Operating Model™️ provides a tried and tested framework for evaluating these. For some clients we’ll support them with just one component, for others we’ll address them all.


Our approach

We start with a ‘discovery’ phase, using interviews, questionnaires and desk research to:

  • Better understand our clients’ objectives
  • Evaluate the context of the business environment they’re operating in and the behaviour of target audiences
  • Analyse their existing social media setup and approach
  • Assess how competitors and other relevant brands are approaching social media

The outputs

We provide clients with a report defining what’s working well and where opportunities for improvement exist. We’re a big fan of helping clients visualise their situation, using techniques such as Harvey Balls↗️ to illustrate how they’re performing across different areas.

The findings from these reviews will typically lead into the development of recommendations.

The Social Operating Model White Paper

⤵️ You might like to download our white paper which explores six different aspects of social media governance where enterprises can struggle.

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