Our Social Operating Model Diagnostic uses a tried and tested framework to help enterprises ensure their social media infrastructure is setup to maintain brand trust, maximise efficiency and truly support business objectives.


The importance of social media governance

Social media presents significant opportunities for organisations to reach and engage customers in new and exciting ways. However, without the right operational structure and supporting controls in place there’s significant potential for:

  • Damage to brand reputation
  • Inefficient processes and technology
  • A lack of alignment with business objectives

Nobody wants to be dealing with issues resulting from compromised passwords, under utilising platforms they’re paying for or running activities that aren’t laddering up to objectives. Good social media governance is about providing a robust framework that gives internal stakeholders the confidence to make effective use of these evolving channels.

Our approach

We start with a ‘discovery’ phase, using interviews, questionnaires and desk research to:

  • Better understand the client’s objectives
  • Evaluate the business environment they’re operating in
  • Analyse the existing social media infrastructure, controls and governance approach
  • Contrast how other organisations are approaching these activities

The outputs

We provide clients with a report defining what’s working well and where opportunities for improvement exist, scored against each of criteria listed above.

We’re big fans of helping clients visualise their situation using techniques such as Harvey Balls↗️ to illustrate how they’re performing across different areas.

The findings from these reviews will lead into the development of recommendations, delivered as a roadmap of short, medium and longer term activities.

The Social Operating Model White Paper

⤵️ You might like to download our white paper which explores seven different aspects of social media governance where enterprises can struggle.

Product summary

⤵️ You can also download the Social Operating Model Diagnostics product summary as a PDF.

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