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Through their expertise in market research, Firefish help brands such as Twitter, PayPal and Magnum innovate, communicate and grow.

Firefish were keen to further integrate insights from social media listening into their established research methodologies. To ensure the approach was both practical for the team to use and supported existing ways of working, we collaboratively developed a set of use cases. These enabled us to set clear requirements for selecting a social listening tool and developing a social intelligence playbook.

“slp consulting has helped us successfully navigate the world of social intelligence, ensuring that we tailor the best possible suite of cutting-edge tools, to complement our unique positioning and enable us to deliver meaningful strategy to our clients” – Fran Alberry, Head of Cultural Insight

We followed the session with a refresher course to help the existing team members and new joiners continue to get the most from social intelligence.

“It was a wonderful session. Thanks again for being so adaptable. We got so much out of it.” – Fran Alberry, Head of Cultural Insight