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In the lead up to Christmas 2019, Firebox (the online gifting retailer) ran an integrated through-the-line marketing campaign to help increase brand awareness and consideration.

To help Firebox better understand the impact of the campaign, we setup and ran a social listening programme to identify changes in the volume and sentiment of social media mentions of the brand and associated products.

This was conducted pre, during and post campaign, helping to identify which aspects resonated best and how future activity could be enhanced.

In parallel the change in volume of social media mentions of Firebox relative to key competitors was analysed to assess the impact of the campaign in relation to the wider market.

“Understanding the customer, their desires, feedback and commentary on social is at the heart of Firebox. So running this social media listening project was paramount to the Christmas trading period so we can equip the business for a successful 2020.” – Callum Watt, Firebox Brand Director