Case Study | Apache iX

Helping Apache IX communicate their experience and expertise to new and existing audiences.

Apache iX Limited (the ‘iX’ stands for ‘independent Experts’) are an engineering P3M and technical consultancy that helps clients in the defence and security sectors solve their most complex problems.

To help grow awareness of their services and industry experience/expertise, Apache iX were keen to further leverage their use of social media.

Using slp consulting’s social media framework and toolkit approach, a refreshed strategy was defined and developed, following an audit of key competitors and peer organisations.

Grounded in their business objectives and audience needs, a collaborative approach was taken to building each core element of the strategy, including; content planning, content development, content distribution, measurement, reporting and employee social media guidelines.

An implementation plan was subsequently drawn up to enable the Apache iX team to steadily embed new processes and procedures to scale up their use of social media.

“Simon has worked patiently with us to help develop our approach to social media. Through the strategy toolkit, we now have all the tools we need to launch our approach effectively. Simon’s collaborative approach is particularly welcome, understanding our objectives fully, and tailoring the toolkit to help us achieve them. He is now guiding us through the early stages of implementation, and we are already seeing the benefits. Thanks!”
– Andrew Page, Director