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Having launched the business in Epping in 2014, we’ve now moved location to sunny Leigh-on-Sea.

It’s about the same travel time to London as beautiful Epping🌲, but with added sea air 😎 – perfect for quality thinking time.

You can find us at: 282 Leigh Road, Leigh-on-Sea, SS9 1BW.

Here’s a fun fact

Southend Pier, just along the beach from where we are, is the longest pleasure pier in the world at a sprawling 1.33 miles!

Southend Pier (photo credit Eve Woodhouse)

We also love the Hares About Town initiative being run in the area by Haven Hospices.

This one by local artist Neil Fendell is one of our favourites…

Neil Fendell’s Hare about town (image credit Kevin Grieve)

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