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Whenever I talk to people about the ways organisations use social media, it’s amazing how often the same challenges crop up. In this post I’ve outlined seven common ‘sins’ businesses seem to keep committing. 

This isn’t supposed to be a negative post – rather some observations on opportunities to improve!

1. Setting up social media accounts ‘just because’

The temptation for different departments or country teams to create accounts because they just feel like they should, instead of basing the decision on how to best meet business/marketing objectives.

To help: a social network architecture  

2. Managing paid media and content creation separately

Even if we tick all the theoretical boxes of what makes ‘great’ content, it’s hard to create something really compelling if we don’t know who it’s aimed at. The two disciplines need to inform each other.

To help: blended activity

3. Treating community management as an irritation instead of an opportunity

If a potential customer enters your store or office and asks you a question, you’d do your best to make a great impression, right? So why ignore them on social media?

To help: mindset shift on value of micro-engagements

4. Writing social media policies which emphasise what employees can’t do

Of course it’s essential to understand what not to do, but what about inspiring and empowering all those potential advocates?

To help: a ‘top 5 ways you can help’ section

5. Using averages to measure success

The likes of average engagement rates are fraught with problems such as hiding trends in which activities are performing well/poorly and failing to judge each piece of content on its own merits.

To help: adopting benchmark ranges

6. Outsourcing all influencer marketing activity

It’s tough to build a genuine relationship with someone via a third party; it doesn’t mean doing everything in-house, but building that connection is key.

To help: at least some in-house support

Failing to design videos for no sound

A much more tactical one (and personal bugbear for no particular reason)… you’ve got to make some effort to cater for those watching without sound. Thanks!

To help: just do it!!

Looking through the list, hopefully your business comes out as more of a saint 👼 than a sinner 👹!

And if you have any more (social media) sins to add to the list, please comment below ⬇︎

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