How 1 hour of telly showed social media is still all about the detail.

Two tweets caught my eye earlier this month which showcased the best and worst of “realtime marketing”. It just so happened that they occurred within 1 hour of each other, and were strangely linked…

On 20th December just after 9pm, BBC One announced Andy Murray as Sports Personality of the Year for a second time (well deserved IMHO).

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 16.39.05

Image: BBC Sport

Now, perhaps it was the slightly awkward Gary Lineker and Tyson Fury interview, but for whatever reason the (live) show slightly over ran. However, Penguin Books were all set and ready to go with this tweet.


I’m guessing they probably had a few different options lined up (assuming they published books from other finalists).  Ok, so perhaps it’s not the most rip-snorting tweet ever, but it ticks all the essentials of realtime tweeting.

Less than an hour later, still on BBC One, the final of The Apprentice was reaching its climax. As many people will have seen, the RadioTimes had pre-scheduled a tweet to coincide with  Joseph Valence being announced as the winner.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 16.41.56

Image: BBC Sport

That’s all well and good, but of course thanks to Gary and Tyson, the Beeb was running slightly late… meaning this tweet gave the game away before it was announced on the telly box.


Of course it’s extremely unfortunate, but for me it’s another very useful example to cite when trying to convince anyone about the importance of giving due resource and attention to social media execution. We bang the drum about the devil being in the detail with social media – in this game 60 seconds can make all the difference.

What’s of even more interest to me is how organisations are getting themselves setup internally to be more Penguin and less RadioTimes. And that’s not just in terms of what the audience sees, but doing it in a way that’s efficient and effective. Any brand can employ a bunch of people around the clock to do “realtime Twitter marketing” – in 2016 brands must figure out how to industrialise the process.

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