Celebrating our 1st birthday

One year ago today we launched slp consulting with an enormous party at a swanky London venue, we had a giant vodka luge in the shape of a swan and “The Lord of the Dance” performed for our 800 guests… hang on, I may have confused that with a celebratory cuppa and driving to Suffolk for our first meeting. Well, let’s not worry about the details, it was a good day either way. cake

What’s important is that we’re one year old today, and we have a massive list of “thank yous” to make. To list everyone who’s helped, supported and believed in us would be one extremely long list! We’ve had a fantastic 12 months, worked on some really interesting projects (exactly the type of work we’d intended to do) and met so many passionate, driven and kind people.

So I’ll keep it super simple and just say a massive THANK YOU to all of you!

Here’s to the year ahead.